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Lessons for learning a language


If you want to be able to say hallo, to order at the restaurant, easily check in at the airport or in the hotel, go abroad to seek employment and therefore change your life and move to another country, or if you only want to spend a beautiful holiday abroad making new friends ….. If you wish to brush up on the English or German that you learnt at school many years ago or start learning English or German from zero without attending those schools where they put you in front of a computer or in a class with 20 or more persons, Dottoressa Mariella Biagini, established translator and interpreter and very experienced language teacher, gives individual and small group lessons in English and German to students at all education levels.  Mrs. Biagini has had great success over the years and her student have always passed their exams! 
Are you a foreigner living in Italy ? Do you finally want to improve your Italian and become part of our country and live better in this period of your life? We can organize lessons individually or in groups of 2 or 3 persons at the same language level. We also offer corporate lessons. You’ll discover that prices are reasonable,  the lessons pleasant and the results are great!